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John Matthias and Jay Auborn Ghost Notes

Cognitive Shift
7th April 2023

Format Info

Dinked Edition - Colour Vinyl LP

“Rusty Solenoid” orange vinyl *

Stanley Donwood pencil drawing art print *

Augmented Reality Artwork Experience (scan QR code)

2 bonus tracks (download) *

Hand numbered sleeve *

Limited edition of 250 *

John Matthias and Jay Auborn join forces again for a new album. Ghost Notes boldly explores human-robotic collaboration through mini electronic symphonies.

The album cover was created by artist, Stanley Donwood, using a copper verdigris technique in which the original drawing is printed on a copper sheet and undergoes a chemical decay process. The original pencil drawing by Stanley Donwood is what is used for the print in our Dinked Edition. 6” x 6” with augmented reality experience information on the back.

On the inside cover of the vinyl, the artist Mike Phillips has developed 100 new images using a Generative Algorithmic Network (GAN) – an algorithmic AI technique for which Mike Phillips used the AI to compare the front cover copper verdigris image with the pencil drawing and produce the new set of twisted forms. You can see these 100 new forms concatenated together in an Augmented Reality animation developed by Chris Price of Zubr with sound designed by John Matthias and Jay Auborn by pointing to a QR code on the reverse of the Donwood print in the Dinked vinyl edition.