Mary Lattimore & Growing Gainer

29th July 2022

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LP - Transluscent Red Vinyl

Mary Lattimore and big amp ambient pioneers Growing
have united for their first collaboration: Gainer. Remastered
here from its original release (previously digital only),
Gainer is now available for the first time on vinyl in plush
packaging including UV spot gloss “invisible ink”-style
jacket printing.

Comprised of two side-long pieces, Gainer is less a
meeting point of harp and drone guitars and much more
a singular creative group vision made up of elemental
movements, electrically charged flow and a symphonic
aura by three masters of contemporary ambient and
experimental composition.
Gainer is rumored to be the first record in a series of
collaborative albums by Lattimore and Growing. Based on
the premiere statement at hand, let’s hope it shall be so!

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