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Deliluh Fault Lines

Tin Angel
10th June 2022

Format Info

Dinked LP
Cloud Grey vinyl

Gatefold sleeve

Postcard with link to exclusive online content

Super 8 film cuttings corresponding to bonus content

Numbered edition

Exclusive pressing of 500

Learning about what Deliluh has been through these past two years brought the commands o a cassette player to mind: press rewind, forward, play and eject. The band, now a duo of Kyl Knapp and Julius Pedersen, relocated to Europe from their Toronto base with the ambition to plug into a continent that felt more cohesive in terms of a gig circuit and to map new spaces both terrestrial and spiritual. This bold move came with a number of adjustments.The first was a new touring line-up, following the decision of Erika Wharton-Shukster and Erik Jude to stay in Canada. The second was dealing with the cosmic headfuck of a deadly global pandemic that put a stop to most things outside of staying alive. Looking back, Kyle Knapp sees the process as “somewhat of a crash course in survival and keeping calm. Overall it’s taught us a lot about what we want to accomplish, both in the present and the long term.”