Krash Slaughta Everything's Turning Up Dusty

Krash Slaughta Records
6th October 2023

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2xLP - mauve / blue vinyl

I’ve always wanted to make a cut n paste project, since the days of pause button mixes, before I even had a turntable…So here it is, this is a four part project, parts 1,2,3 & 4 all feature on a limited double vinyl release “Everything’s Turning Up Dusty” ONLY 300 made, each side lasts 15 minutes, and was a creation conceived during the 2020 lockdown, over these months in 2020 I had time on my hands, like everyone else, and decided, I would need to be creative to get through it all, so, proceeded to begin & complete what would turn out, to be an hour, of remixes, and loops, from rare library records, or samples that people wouldn’t probably know, obscure breaks or just crazy records I had within my collection, that I always wanted to use, all tied together in four parts & glued together cut n paste story style.

Throughout the months it took to make this project, I came up with the 4 parts, so spent around 1 month to make each part, here it is, in all it’s glory, as one whole part for you to listen along.

The records are pressed at 45 rpm, in two colour variants, the artwork on the cover & all four centre labels is also, cut n pasted by hand, made by a friend and fellow producer, Saleem Andrew McGroarty


Thanks in advance, from Krash Slaughta for the support on this release

“This bad boy stitches together vintage vocal loops, rare breaks, library records and obscure samples along with remixes of Stetsasonic, O.C., Tanya Winley, Jurassic 5, Edan, Nas, ODB, Gang Starr, Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud (any one of which would be straight fire on 7″or 12″) along with pretty much whatever the hell else he wanted to put on there.” –

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