J Mahon Everything Has A Life

Taxi Gauche Records
26th January 2024

Format Info

LP - black vinyl

J Mahon, errant songwriter, Cindy tourmate, Australian heart-melter via Berlin comes up with the big songs on Everything Has A Life.

J Mahon, formerly known as Emerson Snowe and of Australian group The Creases, has forged his own path over the course of multiple records that have been growing in stature and melodic ambition. On this outing, Mahon comes drenched in harmonies and off-the-cuff melodic flourishes and vulnerability that’s gorgeous on the ear. Songs like Street Names fizz with a Country tinge, while Charly bring to mind Modern Nature or a more gorgeous rendering of late 80s Twee pop until the massive sun-kissed chorus comes in, dripping of 70s chord progressions with J Mahon’s vocal searching above it all not unlike Mark Linkous.

It’s hard not think of West Coast pop music while drinking in Everything Has A Life with shades of The Tydes louche grooves and rousin’, classic rock ‘n’ roll swagger unexpectedly slipping in on some of the more drawn out pop nuggets.