Gordon McIntyre Even With The Support Of Others

Lost Map
15th July 2022

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LP - 12" Eco Vinyl

As singer and songwriter with Edinburgh indie-pop band Ballboy – who were much venerated by the late John Peel in the early 00s, featuring several times on his Festive Fifty charts and performing multiple sessions for his BBC Radio 1 show – Gordon McIntyre has released four full length albums and a string of singles and EPs. In 2008 McIntyre co-created the Traverse Theatre Company production Midsummer [a play with songs] together with David Greig. Following a critically acclaimed run in Edinburgh that year, it has since gone on to be performed around the world. 

Even With The Support Of Others grew out of a commission from Elizabeth Newman, artistic director of the Pitlochry Festival Theatre, after she asked Gordon to write some songs for their lockdown project Shades of Tay. “More specifically,” says Gordon, “it grew out of the conversation around this where we talked for a couple of hours about the natural world, natural landscapes and internal landscapes. We talked about cities and countrysides and bridges and rivers. She asked for ‘as many songs as you see fit’ and so I sent her four and then continued to build the album around them.”