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Chaos Echoes Ecstasy With the Nonexistents

Sentient Ruin
16th April 2021

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The final testament from the absolute gods of underground experimental death metal. Needing no introductions, Sentient Ruin proudly brings you this exclusive limited edition vinyl release of Chaos Echoes’ final recording, perhaps their most ambitious, imaginative and all-encapsulating recorded output ever. First released as disc 1 of the 2019 2CD outtakes compilation “Remains”, this massive and gloriously-sounding professionally mixed and mastered live soundboard recording captures the french masters of ritualistic death metal alchemy at the pinnacle of their transformative power as they step out of every comfort zone known to revisit familiar places and reemerge into a new and unseen transfiguration of themselves. Profoundly moving and ungraspably visionary, “Ecstasy With the Nonexistents” sees the French alchemists metamorph and manipulate some of their most iconic tracks to subvert and transcend their own identity, creating a ritual within a ritual, where death and black metal, experimental noise and ritual ambient dissolve into a singular
flow of consciousness dictated by the abstract axioms of transformation, ritual improvisation and free form deconstructionism. In their own words: “Ecstasy with the Nonexistents, is a soundboard recording of a full live set from 2018. Assembled with great care, this set list was only performed in concert once. The concept was to reinvent the songs, re-arranging pieces from Transient and Mouvement into a continuous three-part suite. The first section is slow, more self-centered than introverted, and obsessive. The second section is atmospheric, dominated by improvisations with bells, flutes, shamanic drumming, and mantra-like vocal patterns. The final section is carnal, wild and intuitive, completing the journey from an aggressive, selfish state to one of abandonment and sharing.”