Benjamin Berton Dreamworld (english edition) The fabulous life of Daniel Treacy and his band Television Personalities

Ventil Verlag Book
22nd September 2022

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London 1977: Daniel Treacy drops out of school, bored to death. With friends, he records a few songs thanks to a few pounds sterling lent to him by his parents and sends the finished single to the legendary radio DJ John Peel, who is immediately thrilled —the Television Personalities are born …

In the turbulent life of Daniel Treacy we meet Jimmy Page, Bob Marley, Alan McGee, David Gilmour, Wham!, Nico and Kurt Cobain. “Dreamworld” is the very real, very crazy story of a genius in music history. Enriched with plenty of scene and period color from British pop from the 1960s to the present, »Dreamworld« tells of all the ups and downs of a legend who was once called the »Godfather of Indie Pop«.

The translation by David Marshall appears with a fully revised color picture section and numerous illustrations.