Nabihah Iqbal Dreamer

Ninja Tune
28th April 2023

Format Info

Dinked Edition - Colour Vinyl LP

Fluorescent Pink 140g vinyl

“Dreamer” tote bag with exclusive design

12” x 12” print

Gatefold sleeve


Limited pressing of 300

Using broader concepts, Dreamer is “more introspective, because it’s about things that I’ve been through over the last few years,” she says. The album is an intimate journey through snapshots and memories of Nabihah’s life. Exploring personal identity and grief through the soft-focus lens of melancholy, the album is not one specific sound. Her left-field lo-fi aesthetic twirls itself throughout as she manages to skate between tracks without ever sounding disjointed. Apart from four of the songs which have live drums on them, Nabihah wrote, recorded and produced the album herself. Incorporating the harmonium and sitar in her music for the first time, instruments reflective of her Pakistani heritage, it’s Nabihah’s rawest and most personal work yet.