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Listening Center Cybernetic Window

Polytechnic Youth
24th March 2022

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LP - black vinyl
Up next on London synth label Polytechnic Youth, comes the fabulous new full length from Dublin born, NY based synthesist and instrumentalist, David Mason’s LISTENING CENTER project. 
Nine killer cuts of wonderfully warm, richly melodic electronica; exquisitely crafted micro-beat analogue essays recorded directly to 2 track (the only exceptions being the occasional overdub of a string synth). Perhaps bearing a nod to a more Kraftwerk-ian feel than previous output but uniquely fresh and of the moment and still maintaining that old school BBC educational / testcard / soundtrack feel that David has within his music.  
As with most of Listening Center’s albums, it’s the interaction of the instruments and the pathos of melodic and harmonic combinations which are foregrounded. The nine pieces here were composed and recorded during a period when it was possible to perform live shows and this album largely features the setup from that time: TR606, CSQ600, some modest modular kit, and synth-pop classics such as the Yamaha CS01, among others. The music -as has always been the aim- strives to convey a feeling of hope for a future tinged by the vicissitudes of the present. 
David himself says: “The title ‘Cybernetic Window’ refers to the way in which the music on this album was recorded- a system of instruments which carry out different functions, steered by a composer/performer/engineer toward the realization of compositions which can suggest alternative musical frames of reference. It is also a curt nod to an evolving digital reality, whereby information and perception can be routinely controlled and manipulated by opaque vectors. ‘Cybernetic Window’ does not present synth nostalgia but draws on specific aesthetics and technology to create a flexible musical continuum which can be adaptable to listening for purposes of reflection, study or recreation”.