Kinbrae Cryptophasia

Castles In Space
8th March 2024

Format Info

LP - monorail exclusive with zine

Monorail exclusive comes with a limited edition zine featuring a collection of 35mm photography by Andy Truscott captured between 2021-2023 in and around the landscape where the twins grew up.

Cryptophasia is the third album from Scottish twin brothers Andy and Mike Truscott under their Kinbrae moniker.

Shifting focus from their previous landscape-based releases, Cryptophasia sees the band explore their relationship growing up as twins and how this has shaped and formed them as people both individually and collectively.

Reflecting on experiences across their lives, the album deals with themes including family dynamics, lived experiences and memories, identity, sibling rivalry, isolation and battles with mental health. Looking at these aspects allowed the band to see how they have supported each other over the years and consider the way their relationship as brothers has developed across their lifetimes.

Working with producer and frequent collaborator Ben Chatwin, the band were awarded a Jerwood Bursary to initially experiment and improvise with new instruments and techniques, with these early drafts used to then structure fully formed pieces. At its core, the record incorporates modular and analog synthesizers that are intertwined with brass layers and melodies. These sounds are further developed with the use of field recordings, piano, live percussion and bass guitar to both further establish and build upon the duos signature ambient and melancholic sound.