Zenxith Cooling Tower

Salt Mine Records
10th May 2024

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A whole new album of jangle auterism from Daniel McGee following the beautiful “touché” of an album called “I Was Named After Dan Traecy” that came and went on tape a few months back. 

This time around, McGee’s Zenxith project has progressed to shiny CDs but the music is reassuringly lo fi and instinctive, blasting out catchy hook after catchy hook. You sometimes wonder how McGee can do it, specially over so many tracks but somehow the classic tropes associated with this music are reconstituted to be fresh and lovingly ramshackle. There’s a little more vulnerability this time around along with some brilliant Kinksian vignettes on the absurdity of British life, and all packaged in a neat CD for MAXIMUM audio fidelity.

Not really sure how McGee can do it so consistently but this Lawrence fronting Television Personalities thing he’s got going is here to stay.

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