Autechre Confield

24th February 2023

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2LP - Black Vinyl

With Confield, Sean Booth and Rob Brown largely abandoned the warm ambient sounds of their earlier works such as Amber and Tri Repetae in favour of more chaotic and abstract sound palettes and methods of composition that they had been pursuing with LP5EP7, and Peel Session 2.

Confield saw the experimental use of computer programs, specifically Max/MSP, to form the basis of songs instead of stand-alone synthesizers. According to Booth, “Most of Confield came out of experiments with Max that weren’t really applicable in a club environment.”

This reissue comes with a digital download code.


A1 VI Scose Poise       

A2 Cfern          

B1 Pen Expers 

B2 Sim Gishel  

C1 Parhelic Triangle     

C2 Bine

C3 Eidetic Casein         

D1 Uviol          

D2 Lentic Catachresis

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