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Alexandre Bazin Concorde

Polytechnic Youth
23rd April 2021

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LP - colour vinyl

Edition of 300
Red Vinyl

Polytechnic Youth releases the label’s second full length from French electronic musician Alexandre Bazin. “Concorde” is a fabulous record and acts as a perfect follow up companion to 2017’s “Sun Dog Trail” set.

Passionate about analogue electronics, Alex’s beloved EMS Synthi and Buchla Music Easel loom large on “Concorde” interspersed with the Prophet and the Moog. His background meant that he surrounded himself daily with “mysterious engines” as part of ‘the Musical Research Group’ acquainting himself with the legendary Coupigny Modular Synth or Morphophone- an ancestor to the sampler.


In Alex’s own words, the sounds were “Growling at times, aerial at others, but always poetic. The ethereal textures redefine the space-time continuum. With a certain underlying softness, “Concorde” is to be experienced as a lucid dream in which emotions spin around each other calmly to gravitate towards a feeling of fulfillness. Creating, in a way, a parallel world where arpeggiators, drum machines and droning pads all become one”.

The record also leans heavy on the ace percussion work of François Lazarre des Moulins (Turzi, Forever Pavot) and -in places- the almost Dick Dale, nigh on surf guitar work- of Maxence Crouzard (Matthieu

Chedid, Thomas Dutronc); both of which complement Alex’s electronics highly successfully. Creating a richly warm, rewarding record, which oscillates between moments of tension and appeasement, where the warmth of rhythmic instruments clashes deliciously with the icy synthesizers.