Lightheaded Combustible Gems

26th April 2024

Format Info

LP - baby blue vinyl
LP - coke bottle green

New Jersey’s Lightheaded are clearly students of pop in all of its variety, drawing as much from 60s Brill Building song writers as they do from later 60s folk/pop developments and 80s DIY pop.

The striking thing is how seamlessly they’re able to meld these influences, and the distinctive voice that they’ve crafted this early in their career. Their new album “Combustible Gems” follows-up their well-regarded “Good Good Great!” EP in fine fashion, striking all the right Phil Spector/Goffin & King chords while rooting the album firmly in the NOW. Singles like “Moments Notice” and “Bright Happy Girls” possess a timeless pop charm, brimming with jangle, drama and infectious energy.

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