Ballboy Club Anthems

Lost Map
9th December 2022

Format Info

2LP - Blue and White Vinyl

For the first time on vinyl… ballboy’s seminal debut album, a collection of their first three EPs, has been remastered and pressed on 2 x LPs for its 21st anniversary, packaged together with tracks from the follow up EP, All The Records On The Radio Are Shite (2002).

It’s a double LP, in a special saltire colours – one LP in white, the other in sky blue.

Favourites of the late John Peel, who invited them to perform five sessions for his BBC Radio 1 show 2000-2004 as well as featured them many times in his Festive Fifty chart, ballboy are a cult indie-pop band from Edinburgh whose warm, whimsical and savagely witty speak-sung songs about bored sex, DIY drugs, civic shame and polar bears helped to define a generation of fiercely independent Scottish music around the turn of the millennium.

Much of ballboy’s most evocative and enduring work was captured on a trio of EPs – Silver Suits for Astronauts (1999), I Hate Scotland (2000) and Girls Are Better Than Boys (2001) – later collected on the 2001 compilation album Club Anthems 2001. Lost Map Records are excited to work with ballboy on a reissue of Club Anthems 2001 – available to pre-order now – which will see the album released on vinyl for the very first time. This anniversary edition of the record comes with tracks from the follow-up EP, All The Songs On The Radio Are Shite (2002).

The official album release date is January 13, 2022, with vinyl pre-orders shipping before Christmas. ballboy will perform live at Lost Map’s Xmas Humbug all-dayer at Summerhall in Edinburgh on Saturday, December 17 as well as at the Lost Map 10 all-dayer as part of Celtic Connections at Oran Mor in Glasgow on Sunday, February 5. More live shows will be announced soon.

“It is Club Anthems’ 21st Anniversary,” says ballboy singer, guitarist and songwriter Gordon McIntyre. “It seemed like a good time to give it a revisit, on some nice vinyl, and gently float it out into the world again. We are delighted that this is through Lost Map. I’m not sure I’d trust it to anyone else, really.”