NTsKi Calla

3rd November 2023

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LP - black vinyl

NTsKi, Japan-based vocalist/songwriter/producer; pronounced n-t-s-k-i. Calla is her 2nd album, a unified statement of her musical vision at this point in her development, with all-new songs melding her breathy and intimate voice, singing in Japanese and English, with organic acoustic sounds and distinctive electronic colours. NTsKi possesses a charming melodic gift as well as a distinctive production style, giving Calla a cohesion and subtle momentum, with relaxed tempos, interesting arrangements and intriguing melodies fusing into a focused musical statement that is refreshing, charming and forward-looking, underpinned by a sense of wistfulness, nostalgia and melancholy.

As with her 2021 Orca release, co-released on EM Records and Orange Milk, NTsKi is joined by engineer Illicit Tsuboi and British musician/producer Dan Shutt. The songs here are lovely, concise gems, warmly glowing, gently sparkling, evocative and moving. LP comes with a Japanese and English lyric sheet. Vinyl edition disc is made of environmentally friendly new material BioVinylTM. and includes an insert & download card, shrink-wrapped and stickered.

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