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Malaizy Burgercome / Stuck

Few Crackles
7th May 2021

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Malaizy is the new working name for Alicia Mathews’ new music. Better known as half of the group LAPS and on her own producing anxiety ridden electronic Mute-isms, Malaizy’s sound is more throat grabbing, crunchy techno overlaced with manipulated and distorted vocal samples. The beat on Burgercome mutates out of a broken kick sample into a pummelling, high-BPM monster that reminds us of anything from Warm Leatherette to a more gritty sounding British Murder Boys. The flip, Stuck, is a dragging, warped rhythm track that feels like it’s dragging a glacier back to a firey hell, all blown out, low pitched vocals and variably speeded turntable manipulation.