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Bardo Pond Bufo Alvarius

Fire Records
23rd April 2022

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LP - white vinyl

1000 pressed. White vinyl pressing of this long out of print and super rare LP. Psychedelic, frog-licking weirdness on this re-etched edition of their debut album, originally released in 1995. Hailed as “synapse-destroying” by Trouser Press, it’s a post-‘Nuggets’ nugget rightly celebrated as a milestone in psyche rock, which “actually sounds wholly unique today. Bardo Pond are one of those outfits where the adjective ‘experimental’ genuinely means what it says on the tin.” Drowned In Sound. Track listing: A1 Adhesive A2 Back Porch A3 On a Side Street A4 Capilary River B1 No Time To Waste B2 Absence B3 Vent C1 Amen (part 1) D1 Amen (part 2)

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