The Cords Bo's New Haircut / Rather Not Stay

heavenly creature records
17th May 2024

Format Info

retail blue cassette with badge, handwritten lyric sheet and lollipop
pink/green numbered cassette with badge, handwritten lyric sheet and lollipop

There’s something special happening in Inverkip. Just an hour west from Glasgow, it’s a quaint village home to a beach, a really good ice cream shop and your favourite new band. The Cords are Eva and Grace Tedeschi – two sisters brought (even closer) together through their shared love for groups like The UmbrellasThe CureBMX Bandits, Heavenly. Eva and Grace (surrounded by the very excellent music collection of Mum and Dad) had been playing music for a while; the two of them learning drums with the help of Lesley McLaren at Rig Arts in Greenock, but it wasn’t until they began playing together at Lesley’s Rock School that The Cords really took shape. It was here they met Carla J. Easton (Teen CanteenPoster Paints), and Eva and Grace went from jamming together in the living room to starting a real life pop band.

Recorded over the course of a few days with Simon Liddell (Frightened RabbitPoster Paints) and Jonny Scott (CHVRCHESBo’s New Haircut/Rather Not Stay is the duo’s first studio recording, despite having a load of live performances and covers (think The Pastels and The Vaselines and Pavement) under their belt. The title track, which is a fast paced shimmer of in-yr-face pop, is sung from the perspective of family best pal and pet dog Bo, all whilst getting a new trim.  “I think it might be cool if I looked like you, give me a new haircut and I will be happy”  says Eva, and it’s impossible not to fall in love with their simple musings on life right there and then. Rather Not Stay, the longer track of the two, gently simmers with bright chords into the best pop song you’ve ever heard before Carla joins the band for a moment to add backing keys. Released by Glasgow’s heavenly creature records, with artwork by US Highball’s Calvin Halliday and a pin by our Laura Wade, Bo’s New Haircut is a celebration of community here in the city (or, well…maybe a couple miles west, too).

This isn’t C86…this is C24 and The Cords are leading the way.