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Dandy Boy
15th March 2022

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LP - black vinyl
LP - blue vinyl
Limited to 100 only Blue Vinyl

“Blue Ocean” compiles the first two EP’s of Oakland’s Blue Ocean, a group who layer upon layer of shoegazing guitars over tin pot drumming and enough swaying, hazy, distorted melancholy to chuck your lemonade at. Ostensibly a duo of Rick Altieri and David Stringi, the reams of guitar layers that trade feedback for power chords are suppressed just enough with a gorgeous, drawling vocal that feels like the beloved Jesus + Mary Chain on Sarah Records, a dash of All Fall Down Primals, and fuzzed up to the max dreamboatery last seen in the likes of Mahattan Love Suicides (sadly missed?)

The two sides of Blue Ocean are kind of like this: half melancholy tunes powered by a rudimentary workman bass playing and the downplayed vocals that sounds well, a little depressed, in that brilliant way that West Coasters do when they actually sound like they’re from the North of the UK (that’s code for G-L-A-S-G-O-W, 1984) and the other half is this wall of guitars that threaten to swallow the rest up with oceanic levels of scouring frequencies… listening on the headphones it sometimes hits like Les Rallizes Denudes level guitar terror playing the Byrds. Like, when whoever’s playing the guitar stomps that Ibanez fuzz pedal it sends your brain into overdrive, literally feels like it’s being fried alive. It’s a special feeling.

Either one of these elements as evidenced on this record are top notch but combined they create a sound that sounds completely classic but weirdly original too. We’re thinking a little of Vacant Gardens’ approach to the 4AD catalogue, Blue Ocean do it with the 80s Indie c86 Canon. There’s so many layers and avant flicks of fancy here to elevate it above what you’re listening to right now but not enough detours to take away from the sugary rush of a Mary Chainian blast, which this most definitely is.

Let’s face it, you’re going to love this.

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