Speed Dealer Moms (John Frusciante and Aaron Funk) Birth Control Pill

31st May 2024

Format Info

12" EP - marbled vinyl

Speed Dealer Moms, the live electronics outlet comprising cross-genre iconoclasts John Frusciante (Trickfinger, Red Hot Chili Pipers) and Aaron Funk (Venetian Snares, Axeface the Viking), is over a decade into its idiosyncratic run. “Birth Control Pill” is only their third release. The boundless potential of the chaotic and elegant project snaps into focus.

If there are virtuosos programming synthesizers and drum machines, then they were in the room when these two tracks were recorded; as though Johann Sebastian Bach himself took an elevator up to the 67th floor of Burger King and threw a bowl of Ramen at the window. The epic title cut is perhaps the most “functional” track Aaron “func” Funk and Johnald Frusciante have released thus far. This is ruffneck skibidi bomp bomp dnb booyaka business, but it’s also an ant farm in Hell, and also Speed Dealer Moms, so there is the requisite descent into chaos. The track’s precise melodies are unceremoniously dunked into Funktastic Funk’s funky signature ripping, voice of a generation breakcore. The drums pick up speed until the armchair journalists hit the wall; a thrilling, extratone breakdown.

More madness lurks on the B-side, “Benakis,” which seemingly nods to the visionary Greek comic Zach Galifianakis. With its unconventional time signature and intricate scintillating melodies, this one slides in like a lion and out like a lamb, cycling through France by way of breakcore and hard techno before eventually giving the listener a reprieve by way of a dreamy, beatless, retarded sea of sexuality outro.

Speed Dealer Moms drive their own, crooked road built on friendship and a telepathic musical connection—the collaboration and encouragement of Funk ushered Frusciante into the dense world of hardcore machine funk. The results of these sessions don’t sound quite like anything else. It is punkish electronic music made in fearless pursuit of the new. Funk and Frusciante follow ideas to an illogical endpoint, and this hurtling approach now results in the best, most concise Speed Dealer Moms record yet. The yellow brick road to wisdom, after all, is paved with excess.