Eyes Of Others Bewitched By The Flames

14th October 2022

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10" Blue Ink Edition

Eyes of Others – have been described as making ‘post-pub couldn’t get in the club music’. Really though, you’ll recognise it as the sound of the small hours.

It’s The Blue Nile lost on the dancefloor at an Optimo night; John Martyn working magic with drum loops and Logic; a copy of the first Suicide LP washed up on the shores of Portobello Beach. It’s drawn curtains and an overheating stereo in your friend’s living room after the rest of town has called it a night, it’s hours spent watching the windows before sunrise in a slumbering city.

Bewitched by the Flames is a very limited vinyl only EP of home recordings. The songs are intimate, compelling and strange – electronic yet completely human, stories of everyday life set to woozy, lolloping rhythm tracks.

Bewitched by the Flames features:

1. Once, Twice, Thrice
2. Escalation
3. Well-thumbed Letters
4. Jargon Jones and Jones
5. Granny
6. Mother Father

Eyes of Others previously released an EP – Elevenses – on Global Warming Records in 2021. Their 2017 track I See You In The Shrubs was remixed by the late, great Andrew Weatherall.

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