Chaosy Bad Magic

Natural Sciences
5th April 2024

Format Info

LP - black vinyl

Chaosy recorded his full length on the road after being forced out of his hometown of Ukraine and leaving his equipment behind.

Only 22, Bad Magic channels the psychological impact of war, around his background playing in death metal bands and hanging out with Guy Tavares in the bunkers of the Hague. 

It’s a sprawl of Eastern European rap, doom ambient and tough street electro. Think Entombed via Tommy Wright III, Unit Moebius and Black Merlin. 

Entombed between the approaching war machine, Berlin’s squat metal underground and the corrosive electronics broadcast from the Hague’s bunker network, Chaosy’s “Bad Magic” marks his first on the label, with tracks pulled together from equipment left behind in Ukraine and resurrected in makeshift studios while on the road.

Across the LP’s eight tracks, the record dials into this modern day horror and occult activity from throughout the ages, flipping between cave dwelling techno, breakbeat, gnarled Ukrainian rap and wails found between the gaps in the machine. A full blown sonic assault into the belly of the beast.