David Bellingham & Monorail Music Attack Of Colour Attack Of Sound Art Print

Monorail Music
13th December 2023

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Almost a decade ago, Monorail Music had the audacious idea to advertise our existence for the advent of Fresher’s Week at Glasgow School Of Art and Glasgow’s other universities. Previously immune to advertising, our posters would very subtly imply our being with a small “Monorail Music” at the edge of artist David Bellingham’s Attack Of Colour Attack Of Sound text.

Stephen was in charge of production (according to Dep) and with a budget carte blanche ordered the posters to a high spec, a spec that spoke of Monorail’s innate excellence. Upon delivery of the posters it soon transpired that they were far too deluxe… and far too expensive… to be used as lampost wallpaper. In fact it would be the most expensive postering campaign conducted by any shop anywhere. Realising the folly of this endeavour, the prints were temporarily shelved so that we could present and sell them separately at an appropriate price rather than waste them in the perpetually rain-drenched streets of Glasgow.

18 years later, here they are. Edition of 60, Hand Numbered and Hand Signed by David Bellingham. Colour print on off-white  300(AT LEAST) GSM. 34.5cm x 51cm.

Because we’re – and you’re – worth it.

Prints are shipped rolled in tubes.

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