Sam Knee A Scene In Between (revised edition)

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14th October 2021

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This is the final part in Sam Knee’s incredible series of books which have documented the relationship between music and style in 1980s Britain. With the new fully revised edition of A Scene In Between, Knee retraces his steps and unearths a treasure of new photographs, text and interviews. It’s a complementary adjunct to the original rather than a replacement. Both are essential.

A Scene In Between sets out to excavate the sartorial treasures of the UK’s 1980s guitar scenes. Using original archive photography from scenesters, band members and amateur photographers of the time, Sam Knee takes you on a fashion trip through the visual racket of pivotal indie bands including The Pastels, Primal Scream, Spacemen 3,The Smiths, My Bloody Valentine,The Jesus and Mary Chain, Tallulah Gosh, the Vaselines and countless others. Charity shop chic, anoraks, bowlcuts, leather trousers and stripy tees are all de-riguer in this evocative photographic historical capsule.

Seven years on from the release of the first edition, Sam Knee has expanded his photographic contact base and built a substantial, loyal Instagram following. His blossoming archive has led to this new edition, which features 80% new material and fresh interviews with Johnny Marr of the Smiths, Deb Googe of My Bloody Valentine and Lawrence of Felt. A must have for anyone serious about their 80s music and/or fashion.

An artist’s image and music is inextricably tethered and A Scene In Between draws these threads together beautifully. – Vice Magazine

Sam Knee is a writer, blogger, designer and sartorialist, whose endless fascination with the British indie music scene of the 1980s has led him to become one of the world authorities on the subject. His Instagram @asceneinbetween boasts over 65,000 followers, including the great and the good of the fashion and music worlds.

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