Felt’s inspired, wayward career documented

Bubblegum Perfume and Goldmine Trash colour vinyl reissues

Felt’s two Cherry Red and Creation eras were documented on two compilations which stand as reminders as why they were such a special group. Lawrence’s vocal is the constant, though it changes in delivery and grows in confidence during the Creation era but musically the full gamut is run from scintillating guitar pieces with Maurice Deebank at the helm to spaced out, synth-drenched work made under the influence of later band member Martin Duffy.

Gold Mine Trash documents the group’s early music for Cherry Red. This is the vaguely obscured, beautiful work that created the Felt legend and their most cherished work, perhaps. Bubblegum Perfume, taking the story into the mid to late 80s and the Creation label shows how prescient Lawrence Hayward’s aesthetic instincts were. Here we see the group’s most confident pop songs as the blueprints they were for the label’s more commercially successful acts a few years later.

Both Gold Mine Trash and Bubblegum Perfume are being reissued by the 1972 label on limited colour vinyl pressings.

Bathe yourself in the golden glow of Felt.

Monorail’s 2022

A list of records we loved this year

As we near the end of 2022, we’d like to share some records that that blew us away, provided some solace, warmed our cockles, got us moving, maybe all of the above with some of them.

Below is a non exhaustive list of releases that we really love and wanted to share with you. These are records some of which were championed by one or two staff members, some were big unifiers but they’re all great. As ever, you can buy most of these records from us but if you don’t have the money just listen where or however you can. When it comes down to it we’re just that enthusiastic person at a party who’s dying to play you something and have a chat about it. Music’s not just for Christmas and it’s not just for buying either.

From the dizzying pop blast of Rina Sawayama to an impeccably arranged atmospheric wonder by Andrew Wasylyk. From righteous gnarl punk from Daddy’s Boy to the plaintive country of Plains. The sailing celtic kosmische of Duncan Marquiss to the soaring vocal pieces of this year’s Sault release. Excoriating No Wave guitar by Web Of Lies rubbing shoulders with the newly ambitious wonder jangle of Savage Mansion. Fellow Glaswegian Jill Lorean‘s empassioned rock music hand in hand with Molly Nilsson‘s anthemic lo fi pop stadium-fillers. Alvvays‘ career-besting heart-tugger of an album falling into the deep, dark fuzzy void of Amateur Hour. And that’s just the overview 12 records we chose. It really was an amazing year for new music and we’ve got the long list to prove it.

Roll on 2023.


Christmas gift ideas for the music lover in your life

Well, here we are. Fairy lights are twinkling, hot toddies are back in the pubs, the high street is mobbed and it took me 10 minutes to defrost the car this morning. It must be coming up to Christmas.

We thought it would be handy to have a mail-out dedicated to things that we think would make great gifts for the music lover in your life who maybe has just enough records (that’s not a thing, is it?), or maybe even just a treat for yourself- you deserve it! If people are asking you what you’re wanting as a pressie, maybe just forward them this email. Saves time, innit?

Since announcing our new merch line a month or two ago, we’ve sold them most days which just goes to prove we should’ve done it years ago. Thanks so much for your support with these. We’re excited to see the shop repped all over the world. We’ve also got our instore vouchers that you can buy online and get posted out (working on an online version, promise), as well as our infamous David Shrigley mug back in stock. I’ve also thrown in A Charlie Brown Christmas because, why the heck not? The perfect soundtrack for dressing the tree.

Speaking of posting things out, Royal Mail have brought forward their recommended last posting dates due to the strikes. For Tracked 48 (our default delivery mode), the last posting date in time for Christmas is Friday 16th December, and most International services are tomorrow, Friday 9th December. There’s also a strike tomorrow (9th), 14th and 15th. We know it can be a bit frustrating when packages are delayed/taking longer than usual to get through the system but we thank you for your patience and understanding as our posties fight for what they deserve. Solidarity to all striking workers, as always.

Happy gifting,
Lola / Monorail x

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