Going Steady! God’s own format: the 7″ Single

Exclusive new 7"s from Aidan Moffat, Water Machine, Jeanines and Norman Blake

The best way to hear music is on the 7” single. Don’t argue, you know it’s true. Nothing compares to that instant hit that compels you to get up and throw the needle back to the start. We’ve got FOUR new 7”s that just in that are retail exclusives, signed, rare and sometimes all three. Read on.


Aidan Moffat / Anonymous Sources: CALM the BEANS (Hirsute Hits) Retail Exclusive Signed 7″

Water Machine: Raw Liquid Power (Upset The Rhythm) Signed Riso Print edition

Jeanines: Each Day (Slumberland / WYAIWIA)

Norman Blake / Woodpigeon: Brutish British Birds (WYAIWIA) Warehouse Find!

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