Daniel Johnston’s Hi How Are You Is Back

Remastered for vinyl, released on Daniel Johnston's own record label Eternal Yip.

Daniel Johnston
Hi How Are You
(Eternal Yip)

1x 12″ Vinyl Album
29th April 2022

Hi Monorailers! What a wonderful release to introduce myself with. I’m Lola, the new online assistant who will be packing your mail orders, helping you out with enquiries and trying really hard to resist tweeting Steely Dan videos all of the time.

A staple in the shop and in my personal collection, Hi How Are You is back.

With the infamous ‘Jeremiah The Frog of Innosense’ (sic) donning the cover, it’s a worthy addition to any collection, if it’s not in there already. The chaotic yet endearing tracks are beyond art, filled with loved, lived-in lyrics that feel just like that all-encompassing feeling you may have when you find an old coat in a charity shop that fits you perfectly. Aye, just like that. It’s an album that’s been there at every turn for me, and one that very much deserves its cult following. (There’s also a Twilight Sad cover of ‘Walking The Cow’ that is definitely worth a search for- FYI).

Grab your limited vinyl below, and I look forward to seeing you in the shop/inbox soon!


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