Almond Joy, Ribbon Stage, the stars on K

Two modern classic 7"s

Not sure who Henry is but he’s the subject of one of the best 7” bullets we’ve heard in a while. It’s by a band called Almond Joy (who ft. members of Children Maybe Later amongst other San Fran luminaries) and we got the last copies in the UK from K Records. On the decks twice daily, it reminds us of the power of a great 7”. It’s the ultimate party turn, the simple and briliant pleasure of hanging with friends, lovers or on your own and just living in the moment (ok, usually 3 – 4 mins) the side is on. Order here. While we were at it we got a restock of that (now) classic Ribbon Stage debut, My Favourite Shrine.

Just mainline this stuff straight to our brains ffs.

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