Aidan Moffat: Deep cuts and rarities

Signed, Limited Stock

Aidan Moffat, at this point, needs an introduction like he needs a censor. Although best known as the vocalist in Arab Strap and for his solo music exploring relationships (to other people, to the world), Moffat’s origins tell the tale of an almost Dada-ist sense of humour, a deep seam of romance and finding beauty in the grotty everyday of a central Scottish life.

We’re honoured to be stocking a range of rare releases by Aidan Moffat that dovetail with his Arab Strap and L.Pierre work both thematically and chronologically but also pre-cede it and at times veer way off the paths beaten by his more well-known projects.

All Aidan Moffat solo releases available here will be signed by Aidan.

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