The Clientele, I Am Not There Anymore

Exclusive Blue vinyl

The Clientele are one of our favourite contemporary groups and their new album is so, so gorgeous. A magnum opus of chamber pop, psychedelia, pitched somewhere between songwriter Alasdair MacLean’s previous songs and a whole new world of sound: David Axelrod, Nick Drake, Love, psych-era XTC. The album, although dipped in MacLean’s signature bittersweet, melodic songwriting, has an expansive scope as never before. Over four sides, the songs stretch when they need to while still containing those honed lyrical nuggets MacLean’s known for.

The rest of the band have never sounded this good either, with each song forming new crystals in the jewel box of the record. Sparkling, sparse piano that could hum out of a 70s ECM album, fuzzy, wonky production as warm as a dazed drift through a hazy orchard. It’s early days, but we’re putting our money on this being quote possible the band’s peak, thus far. As the exclusive Scottish retailer, we’re so excited to present I Am Not There Anymore in an edition of 300 blue vinyl

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