Record Store Day 2024

What we have, what you need, what's going on...

We're very excited to present our fifth favourite day of the year
(after the 4 days a year the shop is shut over the holidays)...
Record Store Day 2024
Record Store Day 2024 will take place on Saturday April 20th. 
Our doors open at 9am although we'll be taking orders from 
the queue at 8am. 
Our live event starts at 1pm and features:


The Cords

S. Antigone

Dragged Up

Pink Pound


Sweet Cowboy

Stevie Jackson and Kyle Lonsdale

Andrew Wasylyk

The Queer History Of Dance Music

All Record Store Day exclusive releases are sold on a one-per-
customer, first-come-first-served-basis. 
Our list of RSD releases are viewable and printableas a spreadsheet online, here.
Please note that RSDreleases are on sale, online, at 8pm on 
Monday, 22nd April 2024. You can browse our RSD products for sale and 
join the waitlist for when they are made available here.

Both our online products and the product list spreadsheet are 
subject to change as we receive stock and prices may be 
different than initially advertised (often cheaper), so please
check back.
General notes:
If possible, please bring your RSD wants list on paper, rather 
than your phone. It can be frenetic at the till on the day
and we'd rather not have to unlock people's phones or take them 
away to search for their list.
We will be using Twitter and Instagram to update people on what
we have left and what we have sold out of throughout the day.
Record Store Day is for everyone, whether you're buying a record
or not. Come down, enjoy the sun (fingers crossed), enjoy the 
music and treat eachother kindly.
We hope you get everything in life you want and need
Monorail Music
PS - you can follow us for more info on Twitter, Instagram and 

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