Record Store Day 2023

All You Need To Know

Hi folks,

Here we are, here we go, it’s Record Store Day 2023!

Like every year, we have a party planned for all our friends (that’s you, Glasgow, the world) to celebrate music and the format a lot of people buy it on. As with every year we like to focus on our local community of artists and customers and it’s very much a day for everyone. Record Store Day this year will take place on Saturday April 22nd. We will be open for collecting orders at 8am, with the doors open at 9am. Our live program will kick off at 12pm. As ever, entry is FREE.

This year the release list is pretty broad, with a lot of cool releases that are very “us.” You can browse our stock list online here or download a printable version for yourself here. Please bear in mind that the list is subject to change as some titles might not come in or prices might change.

We highly recommend you print out our official stock list and have a look in advance at what you’re after. The first hour or two is usually frantic (and fun!)  and it helps us if you know what you want in advance. We also suggest you have a written or printed list of what you want and not have it written on a mobile device to hand to us. The last thing anyone wants is us knowing your passcodes to get into your devices behind the counter.

Record Store Day official rules are that all items are sold on a one-per-customer, first-come-first-served basis. All Record Store Day releases are available for sale in-store on Saturday 22nd, and will be available online at 8pm the following Monday, 24th April.

We have an action-packed, star-studded day of fun planned. DJing will be faves Boosterhooch, Suzy Lee Kid, Dirt Brooks, DJ Death Wish & DJ Blood Stain – aka David Keenan and Brother Joseph. Playing out live are Jill LoreanL, Dancer and The Bluebells.

We’ll be in touch with a selection of releases that we’re particularly excited about soon but in the meantime, have a gander at the stock list and the beautiful poster designed by Edwin ‘Irma Vep’ Stevens.

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