Alex Zhang Hungtai Young Gods Run Free

Modern Love
10th April 2024

Format Info

12" Orange Vinyl
On this 46 minutes long form release a cacophony of swivelling sound is skilfully arranged. Consisting of phone memo recordings, weaved through and guided by beautiful saxophone and trumpet melodies, percussive elements tripping and falling onto each other like a rattling commotion, together with contact mic feedback the different elements all whirl together in an immersive stereo phased storm.

“What is time? Documented here are phone voice memo recordings that range from 2015-2020, re-aligned, chopped up and spliced together. All of us reside in our individually projected reality, but when these individual inner rhythms come into contact with one another, a bigger “time clock” appears. If we can learn to see the world without the constant self surveillance, a new pattern and perception comes into view. And what splendid beauty it is.


Dedicated to all the young gods out there.”




Alex Zhang Hungtai, Los Angeles, March 2020.


Album is meant to be listened to in STEREO. Meaning MONO speakers like iphone will not play the album correctly due to Stereo Phasing.