Honey Bane You Can Be You

Crass Records
18th March 2022

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Noah did it two by two, which is as good a reason as any for Crass Records to do likewise. Taking the first and last recordings from an impressive list of bands they supported, and then going from the top downwards and the bottom upwards, the newly minted 12” records will be released in a series of pairs; “2 by 2 and back again”. The series, including over twenty bands and solo artists, kicks off with two contrasting examples of the vast Crass musical spectrum; punk icon Honey Bane with ‘You Can Be You’, and classical soprano Jane Gregory with ‘Do Not Go’. The prescient nature of both artists makes them seem even more relevant today than they were on release. First released on 7” vinyl, limiting the sound, the new series has been remastered for 12” by Alex Gordon at Abbey Road Studios, allowing them to be heard as never before. This, plus enlarged replicas of the original covers, brings new gusto to their already radical sound. ‘You Can Be You’ by Honey Bane (ex Fatal Microbes and Poison Girls affiliate) captures all the spirit of late 70’s anarcho-punk with furious lo-fi guitars and a DIY aesthetic.

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