Aluminum Windowpane

Dandy Boy
6th January 2023

Format Info

12" EP

Sailing in with a warm glide along that early Stereolab / Veronica Falls / My Bloody Valentine bermuda triangle we didn’t know existed until now, Aluminum hail from the Bay Area and feature peeps from more outre groups coming together to make this perfect blend of boot-gaze pop music. Originally a bedroom recording project, the group expanded into this sugar and sour, motorik, dynamic bunch that are ploughing new expressways to yr skull.

Title track Windowpane has those droney, trebly guitars Tim Gain re-purposed from Neu! coupled with a lovely boy/girl duet vocals courtesy of Marc Leyda and Ryann Gonsalves. It reminds us of the afore mentioned, much missed Veronica Falls but with a wall of guitar avalanche that comes in to swallow the song at the exact right time every time. Solar sounds a little like Last Splash-era Breeders covering Slowdive, those big guitars bleeding out into My Bloody Valentine Glissando axe, sounding massive and bittersweet simultaneously. Things take a swerve into Indie Pop field on With You, all shimmering guitars phasing in and out (or is that tremelo!?) with the harmony, chiming into the stream of overtones a little like early Simon Raymonde-produced Lush. It’s all rather lovely.

Equally influenced by the 80’s American underground and Creation Records, Aluminum manufactures a chaotic soundscape with pop melodies. Dual vocals interweave with walls of guitars and dayglo samples in an attempt to find bliss in disorder.

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