Joe McAlinden Where The Clouds Go Swimming

Hayabusa Recordings
15th December 2023

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This Japanese Import is the only physical version of the album currently available and comes in a beautiful gatefold card case with original artwork by Glasgow-based artist, Jim Lambie.
Included on the album is bonus track ‘Believe’ – exclusive to this edition.

‘It’s definitely an album that doesn’t sound very much like anything I’ve done before,’ says Joe. ‘Maybe it’s because I played every instrument on it – the first record I’ve ever played everything on! Maybe it’s because of my new way of writing. But the thrill of actually finishing this album compared to how and where it all began is my overwhelming feeling right now. I’m really happy with this new way of writing. It feels very new, and it feels very fresh, and it even feels quite young in some respects. I really feel like I’ve achieved something and I don’t even mean in a musical sense. I think just on a personal level, it’s a huge achievement.’