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Jim McCulloch When I Mean What We Say

13th September 2021

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Jim McCulloch is a singer-songwriter from Glasgow in Scotland. From his beginnings with BMX Bandits to international success with The Soup Dragons, collaborations with Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan to his own ventures as Green Peppers and Snowgoose.

Over three decades as the unassuming but pivotal figure behind some of Scotland’s most iconic pop, Jim McCulloch steps out of the shadows and onto centre stage with his debut solo album. The former Soup Dragon perfects his mastery of songcraft on When I Mean What I Say, released on Violette Records on 21 May 2021.

Lush and textured, delicate and intriguing, When I Mean What I Say is immersed in the melodic tapestries of Laurel Canyon but rooted in Jim’s life in his hometown of Glasgow. Written in Donegal’s wild Atlantic coast and recorded pre-Lockdown in Glasgow’s downtown Gorbals district, the warmth of the album’s classic pop and its lyrical openness transports the listener to an emotional and harmonic timelessness far from 2020’s claustrophobia.