Afterlands (ex-Phantom Band and Strike The Colours) We Are the Animals in the Night

Lost Map
10th May 2024

Format Info

LP - black vinyl
Exclusive signed copies.

Born as a way of staving off madness during lockdown and patiently nurtured into one of the most exciting projects either of its architects have turned their hands to, Afterlands is Rick Anthony (The Phantom Band / Rick Redbeard) and David McAulay (Strike the Colours). Featuring a litany of esteemed guest performers from across the Scottish music scene, Afterlands’ spellbinding debut album We Are The Animals In The Night will be released on limited-edition 12” vinyl and digital services on May 10, 2024. It’s preceded by the sublime new single ‘Geese Flying In Broken Patterns’ – a jagged, driving song with a distinct air of woozy unsteadiness preserved from the original drunken demo, fattened up with supplementary shuddering drumming from Johnny Scott and the honk of an actual goose. It plunges listeners deep into Afterlands’ crepuscular sound world, where shadows, dreams, memories and fears overlap and intertwine with astonishing results.