Various Artists & Mogwai Vigilantia: What Happens When Artists And Writers Pay Attention To Mogwai

Chroma Editions
25th January 2024

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Book - Large Format

33 artists and writers respond to the music of Mogwai with a vivid collection of texts and mixed media combining essays, poems, painting, drawing, photos, assemblage, installation and graphic illustration. The result is a fascinating portrait as playful and mischievous as the band itself.
**Any profits will be donated to the Glasgow charity: Refuweegee**

Special thanks to Clare Archibald for bringing together the bulk of the contributors and for choosing the title – Vigilantia.

Contributors include: Paul Youdell, Clare Archibald, Matt Healy, Darragh McCausland, John McDougall, Sapphire Goss, Martin MacInnes, Richard Milward, Colm O’Shea, Arun Sood, Isabella Streffen, Pat Barrett, Shelley Hastings, Martin Jones, Iain Sharpe, Lee Ashworth, Rik Rawling, David Banning, Rico Craig, Josef Minta, Rose Ruane, Brian McHenry, Wendy Erskine, Duncan Harman, Maria Sledmere, Susan Tomaselli, Noel Hannan, Dana Tommasino, Alister Black & Jonny Cannon, Joanna Kirk, Andrea Caro, Naomi Frisby.

Foreword by Darran Anderson

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