TITANIC (Mabe Fratti & Hector Tosta) Vidrio

Unheard of Hope
10th November 2023

Format Info

LP - Coloured Vinyl

Vidrio is the debut LP from Guatemalan experimental composer Mabe Fratti and Mexican multi-instrumentalist Hector Tosta (a.k.a. i la Católica) who together call themselves Titanic. An album of widescreen, yearning postmodern pop taking influences from jazz and opera, couching Fratti’s strings and vocals in a variety of interesting contexts.

One could call Vitrio a jazz hybrid record, though once upon a time this music would have been called postmodern; an answer to pop’s pre-packaged form, adopting maybe more classical structures to tell a story. In that, this record is reminiscent of Derek Jarman’s “1980s contemporaries, The Blue Nile, who made widescreen post-pop that ached with longing for resolutions that seemed to be just over the horizon. And for all the deconstructions, the deliberate raucousness of the sax and the rhythms of the percussion (like waves riding up a shingle beach outside Jarman’s cottage), this is still a music that can thread a line back to classical opera whilst nodding along the way to the likes of Terry Riley, or bebop. Over time, and by dint of working closely together, Fratti and Tosta have reached a state of grace that only comes rarely to artists. In this space they can do no wrong: the touch, the decision-making, the clarity of the instrumentation, the knowledge where to apply the emotional press, is nothing short of breathtaking. They need to remember these moments.