Moni Jitchell Unreal

Makeshift Swahili Records
24th May 2023

Format Info

LP - Smoke Marble Vinyl

You can’t imagine that band producing the sound on UNREAL.

Maybe that’s why the cover art shows Grant Donaldson (vocals, drums) and David Scott (twelve-string guitar, bass) surrounded by paper bag clones – ghost members to fill out the sound behind them.

Opener ‘Waves’ churns through its 2 minute runtime, Moni Jitchell’s sound pushing into a monolithic repetition. ‘VL’ then returns them to their 60 second roots, Scott’s anti-guitar solo taking centre stage for nearly half the track, before the chorus of ‘Hell of a Yeah’ sets out Moni Jitchell’s warning to other acts: ‘Don’t worry, John Lennon hates your band/If it helps, so does everyone else.’ The band stretch their horizons further on the back half of the record, covering brooding post-hardcore on ‘Sell Selfish’, expansive thrash riffs on ‘Old Currency’, and tongue-only-slightly-in-cheek 2000s metalcore on album closer ‘Moni Jitchell Live at Hellfest’.