Various Artists To Light A Candle Is To Cast A Shadow

29th February 2024

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“To Light a Candle is to Cast a Shadow” serves as an evocative reflection of the duality of creation—a delicate act of illuminating the creative process while acknowledging the inherent shadows that accompany it. It encapsulates the profound essence of artistic expression, where every stroke of sound and visual element casts its own unique shadow of meaning and interpretation.

Drawing from a diverse palette of experimental tape loops, luminous guitars, and hauntingly reverberant vocals, the tracks weave a tapestry of sound that entwine together moments of transcendence and introspection, inviting into a realm where reality and reverie coalesce to create an atmosphere that resonates with the elusive essence of a dream.

Each artist brings a personal perspective to the release, contributing to a collective work that is greater than the sum of its parts.

The opening track ‘i b lyin’ introduces the melancholic guitar notes and serene voice of Spivak, enveloped in a delicate shroud of reverb, it evokes fading recollections from a distant time.

‘Be With Me’ by Ghost Tracks gently unfurls, opening with celestial synths that cascade like delicate wisps of a vision. As the track evolves, the vocals emerge, stripped down and intimately conversational, weaving a narrative that feels both tender and revealing.

Bianca Scout’s ‘whwn u think’ slowly builds up a recurring loop within the fabric of one’s subconscious. The otherworldly vocals ebb and flow, accompanied by distant laughter that conjures the nostalgic essence of a cherished memory, subtly dancing in the background.

‘Soft Key’ by James K resonates with a mesmerizing, entrancing ambiance. Its heavenly tones wash over like a soft cloud, creating a sensation akin to being submerged in a blink dream, where reality blurs and a sense of weightlessness prevails. The music conjures a disorienting yet breathtakingly beautiful experience, inviting the listener to surrender to its hypnotic embrace.

Moving from weighted-down bass and guitar loops to a hum of dissolving noise, Man Rei’s “How 2 b heavy” longs for an unattainable release and lightness.

Chantal Michelle’s ‘Chasm’ is a study in sonic alchemy, seamlessly blending organic instrumentation with meticulously crafted soundscapes. The result is an entrancing monolith that evokes a sense of fractured beauty within the tissue of reality.

Feeler is the new project by producer and visual artist Lissa Benno, previously known as Age Eternal. Her track ‘Highest Heaven’ is driven by a delicate guitar arpeggio and adorned by ethereal female vocals that cascade with an air of transcendent beauty. The generous use of reverb creates a shoegazy, hazy atmosphere that washes over us in a warm embrace. The track exudes warmth and radiance, occasionally dipping into shadows, evoking a sense of serenity and reflection.

Combining layers of rich synthetic textures and field recordings ‘Duairc aontais’ is a contemplative piece by An Trinse, creative alias of Northern Irish artist Stephen McLaughlin, who has contributed with this track and also crafted the beautiful visual art for the album. His work deals with the aftermath of the Irish conflict using archaeology and ancient history as a conduit. This exploration is akin to the interplay of light and shadow, where history is both illuminated and cast into obscurity, allowing us to contemplate its multifaceted impact on contemporary society.

Closing the album is Sophie’s Theme by Specimens. Crafted during a film score joint effort, it serves as a tribute to a long-time associate, marking their first joint creative endeavour. This heartfelt creation stands as a testament to the beauty of collaboration where the light of shared passion casts a luminous glow, dispelling shadows of individualism.

“To Light a Candle is to Cast a Shadow” is an invitation to explore the intricate interplay between light and shadow:
Embrace the shadows, bask in the light, and let music transport you to a place where the boundaries between reality and dream are beautifully blurred.

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