David Boulter Tinnitus

14th July 2023

Format Info

7" Lathe Cut with Poster - BLACK
LTD 50 Black Vinyl, hand-stamped and signed with A3 poster
7" Lathe Cut with Poster - CLEAR
LTD 50 Clear Vinyl, hand-stamped and signed with A3 poster

David Boulter’s soundtrack to Tinnitus is a stark, psychedelic wonder with flights of beauty, minimal synthesis and miniature dreams.

Released on an ultra limited lathe cut (50 Clear / 50 Black) hand-stamped and signed with poster, Boulter has chosen three themes from his longer soundtrack for a postcard into the soundworld he created for Gregario Graziosi’s film.

Says Boulter: “I’ve always enjoyed the soundtrack work and releases I’ve made with tindersticks. Over the past 10 years I’ve been making film music under my own name, too, and sometimes the themes or total length of the music make it difficult to feel that it works as a natural release in its own right. “But, at the same time, some of my favourite soundtracks are 7”s, 45s and EPs – especially the Japanese imports with the fold-around sleeves. Mostly these are condensed versions of the full soundtrack, or completely different recordings of the main themes. These have inspired me to make my film music available in a similar way.”

The first in the series,”Tinnitus”, is a film by Brazilian filmmaker Gregorio Graziosi which was released last year. It tells the story of an Olympic synchronized diver, Marina, forced into retirement as a result of an unbearable attack of relentless Tinnitus. Can she bear to risk her life for one last chance to achieve her sporting dream…? Tinnitus will be available in a strictly limited edition of 100 hand cut 7″ singles (50 x clear vinyl and 50 x black). The vinyl is lathe cut, individually, by hand at Lisbon Vinyl Cutters. Each 7″ will come with: – 3 x compositions selected from the Film Soundtrack – download code for the full Film Soundtrack – an A3 print on art paper – 2 postcards – a folded paper sleeve


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