Chaos Echoes The Tone Of Things To Come

Sentient Ruin
22nd March 2024

Format Info

LP - black vinyl
The ten year anniversary of Chaos Echos’ first ever release, celebrated as a limited edition vinyl reissue with enhanced artwork to homage and consecrate the origin of an unforgettable legacy that will never fade our memory’s reach. With 2012’s “Tone of Things to Come” Chaos Echos instantly established themselves as the very future of underground extreme metal, elaborating a formula rooted in arcane sepulchral dark death metal characterized by lengthy instrumentals and innovative detours deep into remote areas of history, art, culture and lore that would dictate the rhythm and tempo of a staggering metamorphosis of ascension. Still rooted in the legacy of Incantation, Morbid Angel, and Immolation, at its inception “Tone of Things to Come” had however already revealed widespread mutations in the fabric of conventional extreme metal and opened the eye of transformation, with its omniscient glare gazing through a spectral veil concealing abhorrent forms of ritualism and exploration within it. Enigmatic minimalisms crafted from unconventional instrumentations and improvisational free-flowing jam sessions were an already well established means of transcendence and transmutation within this earliest form of the band, and “Tone of Things to Come”‘s oracular load of experimentation was already foreboding musical changes in consciousness and perception on a massive scale lurking not too far away on the horizon. A would-be future for extreme metal which we all now too-well know, love, and will forever miss. There will never again be an entity quite like Chaos Echœs, one capable of opening worlds within the listener and which had become such a synonym of transformation and of the fearless defiance of dogmas and conventions. A beacon for metamorphosis and boundary-dissolvement bridging effortlessly the sidereal distances between performance art, world music, ritualism, and death metal, that would help cement thereafter the undeniable and manifested explorative genetics of extreme metal. And as the sands of time and the immortality of this legacy fixate the greatness and majesty of those who dare, burning them forever into our minds, “Tone of Things to Come” remains a reminder for all that great legacies are built on great transformations, and the courage that motivates them.