Floodlights The More I Am / Overflowing Cup

Tiny Town
8th October 2021

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*limited to 50 copies in the U.K., with bonus postcard*

Just under a year since their debut full length, Floodlights return with two new songs on a captivating 7″. The two tracks, ‘The More I Am’ & ‘Overflowing Cup’, explore narratives of ingrained cultural views, personal doubt, and self reflection. Floodlights explore new lyrical territory on The More I Am / Overflowing Cup through a dissection of personal relationships. While it remains as anecdotal as From A View, it is less autobiographical, and strengthens Floodlights’ ability to hold the mirror up to humankind. “As I look through my window, I can only see half of what I used to.”

A SIDE 1. The More I Am B SIDE 2. Overflowing Cup