Hannah Peel The Midwich Cuckoos (Original Score)

26th May 2023

Format Info

LP - Transparent Yellow Vinyl

Now available on LP after being released digitally last
year on Invada Records.

The Midwich Cuckoos is based on the 1957 science
fiction novel by John Wyndham, and tells the story of
an English village where the women become
mysteriously pregnant.

Hannah Peel‘s score is described as a unique and
intricately produced soundscape, working in harmony
with the sound design of Sky’s adaptation.

With analogue synthesisers recreating the horror of
the ‘Hive Mind’, tape manipulations, drones, woodwind
and melodies echoing the song of the cuckoo bird,
Peel creates a score that perfectly balances the
organic instrumentations and melodies, juxtaposed
with an increasingly dark electronic ‘invasion’.

Peel explains, “Creating the score was a constant
endeavour to find the balance between darkness and
light, fear and beauty. It was a very fine and intricate
equilibrium between the normal sunlit logical world as
we know it, and a subversive unfamiliar musical

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