Jon Keliehor The Beginning Of Time

Invisible, Inc.
13th October 2023

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LP - black vinyl
Surprise restock (thanks Invisible, Inc!) from Jon’s own personal cache…No restock on this one. Last chance to grab this quiet masterpiece.
About Jon Keliehor:
Pioneering percussion music arising out of work with artists in contemporary dance. Fourth-World and experimental concepts increasingly focused between metaphysics, nature, and mythology. Luminous Music. Glasgow. Scotland.

The Beginning:

Music appears to come out of a direct response to nature sound. The challenge of how to combine live and often primitive instruments within the mysterious wholeness of nature-sound has been paramount, an intention to discover some rules of cooperation between environment and music. Field recordings provide elements that shape the music itself. The human time-frame of music sound unfolds within different landscapes of nature, yet nature sets the pace. Rhythmic and tonal aspects of rivers, ocean waves and animal sounds guide and shape the music elements.

The interlaced vitality and motion of nature provides impulses and signals not different from those of human biology. Motion must concern micro-molecular patterns, cells sending messages to other cells. By its very nature music-sound mirrors all these impulses. Stretched into ever-widening boundaries, sonic locations become more like rituals, where the curled-up and unfolding shapes of time and space seem altered. The binding relationships between humans, nature and planet, can be perceived similarly. In shamanic terms it is seen as both as a magnetism in our own nature, and as a mythology surrounding Time. When did we actually begin?

released October 3, 2016

Encounters in Nature: Pacific Ocean, Scottish Rivers, Hoh Rainforest, Venezuelan Rainforest, Auric telemetry fields.Rainforest Creatures: Frogs, Toads, Peepers, Hieroglyphic and Lyric cicada, and many types of crickets.