Our Lady Of The Stars The Bee Keeper

10th May 2021

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Our Lady Of The Stars, in this iteration, is the work of Yummy Fur/1990’s John McKeown recording solo late into the night on a mutated Lou Reed / detourned Glam tip replete with the acerbic tongue that McKeown elevates into high art as usual. Starting with an acoustic guitar (What!?), the song bursts upwards into a ’72 T-Rex slammin’ boogie that stomps itself right into your brain pronto. In a way, Our Lady Of The Stars sounds like a cliff notes summarization of McKeown’s previous groups: big pop choruses from the 1990s era, the twisted lyricism of the Yummy Fur’s grimy, surrealistic social / cultural commentary (there’s also references to A Taste Of Honey, Ayn Rynd, and The Bee Keeper might be a reference to the ’86 Angelopoulos film though I don’t remember the main character being particularly fussed about the mother of neo liberal economic strategy but maybe my memory is fading) and those wiry chord changes and guitar hooks that run like a dirty seam through all of McKeown’s work to date. Super limited on Nathan from The Gossip’s label, NoTown, these will fly faster than Bee towards the last daffodil of the season.